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 The Adventures of Stardart and PICHU!!!

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PostSubject: The Adventures of Stardart and PICHU!!!   Tue Nov 11, 2008 12:23 am

For now this Chapter is a Work in Progress, the Story may cut out at any given time to be finished later. Please hold your Comments until after the Chapter is Complete...
Don't get this Stardart confused with my guy on PMD2 (Who will get his own story). This Stardart is the same Stardart used on my Role Playing site, Relm of VG ( ), Feel free to visit it for More info On Stardart and the Other People Appearing in this Story. however this story also introduces new People that are Not featured on my site... yet... With that out of the way... Enjoy!
Oh and be warned, Foul Language may be used in this but not excessively
The Intro
??: Well hello there. I come before you all to tell the story of a Good Friend of mine... who am I you ask? my name's not important right now, it's for me to know and for you to figure out later on in the story... There's many people involved in this but for now let's focus on our 2 Main Protagonists that we'll focus on in this Chapter... Computer... Run Bio-Program... Open Data Files 1 and 172
Computer: Files Located. Initiating Program...
Network Bio #1
Name: Stardart
Gender: Male
Age: 19?
Race: Half-Dragon
Class: True-blade/Arch-sage
Bio: Stardart is the Current owner of J.G. Network, the Largest Company in the Alpha Quadrant... He also is the Head of the United Planets (U.P). Stardart has a Strong sense of Justice and can normally be found stopping Evil, If not that, he's ether with his Family, Doing Business, Training Pokemon, The list goes on. Many will say he's a Busy man but he says that he just does what he loves
Network Bio #172
Name: Pichu (Pichu)
Gender: Male
O.T.: Stardart
C.T.: Stardart
Bio: This is no Ordinary Pichu. since he's Stardart's Pichu you can expect only the Best, and this Pichu goes above and Beyond. if understood correctly he has a dream of 1 day becoming the most powerful Pokemon (Originally it was the most Powerful out of the Pichu Family, including Pikachu and Richu but since saying he surpassed it would be the understatement of the century...). Through Stardart's Training he's learned many powerful Moves including Volt Tackle, Different "Moves" He could use with Iron Tail, and most Importantly, how not to hurt himself with his own electricity (Except for Volt Tackle of course). while it may be disputed whether he's the most powerful his Power and Kind Personality can hardly be disputed...
??: Well now that you know these Main guys, you might as well jump right in, so just take a listen to what I have to tell...
Chapter 1- The Near-Tragedy of Pichuleit?!
??: Now our Story starts on none other then the Pokemon World, you know the one with Ash and Dawn and Team Rocket and whatnot. yeah that place smack dab on the edge of the Beta Quadrant... oh yeah you wouldn't know that would you... Well anyway our story takes us to Route 120 in the Hoenn Region, where Stardart and Pichu are training...
[Things are nice and peaceful, Quiet except of the occasional Pokemon cry-]
[And that, as Pichu and Stardart dash by]
SD: Come on Pichu, getting slow all of a Sudden?!
Pichu: *Looks a Little tired*
SD: Come on, catch up to me with Volt Tackle!
Pichu: *Nods*[Pichu Uses Volt Tackle]
SD: That's a bit better but- Woh! Watch out for Trees! [SD Jumps up and jumps off the trees, increasing speed] Try to do that Pichu, perhaps you might learn something]
[Pichu Also bounces off the trees while still using Volt Tackle. Once he hits the ground again he's going super fast and blows past SD and then some...]
SD: Shocked HOLY SHIT! WAIT FOR ME!!!! [Dual-casts 2 Haste spells to increase his own speed in an attempt to catch up to Pichu]
[Meanwhile, Pichu looks back and sees that he's Left SD in his dust so he hits the brakes. and a good thing he did that to, as he comes to a clearing he slams into another Pichu.]
Pichu: pi-... Pichu... pichupichu- [gets up and gets a good look at who he slammed into. As mentioned it's another Pichu, Female by what he could tell. She had a cute little paper flower wedged between her ear and head (Kinda like if someone had stuck a Rose in their hair).]
Girl Pichu: Chu... Pichu Pichu Chu Pi-pichu...
[For your Convenience the next few lines are Translated. the translation stops when Stardart Arrives... Translated parts will begin with "Translated" From now on and will end with "End Translation". That is all]
Pichu: yeah, sorry about that, when I'm training i can get out of hand sometimes...
Girl Pichu: Training? For what?
Pichu: Just Training, I plan on being the Most Powerful Pokemon ever...
Girl Pichu: *Giggle* that's a rather large dream there
Pichu: Yeah but I've come a really long way since I 1st started on it
???????: Pichuleit! Where are you?! [Whoever it is seams to be referring to the Girl Pichu]
Pichuleit: I'm over here!
[2 Pikachu come out from the Bushes. one Male one Female.]
Male Pikachu (F.Pikachu): There you are, don't take off like that again
Female Pikachu (M.Pikachu): You had me so worried. Don't do that to your poor mother...
Pichuleit: Mommy, I'm not that young anymore you know...
Pichu: Eh? Your Parents?
F.Pikachu: Who's your Friend here...
Pichuleit: someone that I just bumped into... although it's more like the other way around...
Pichu: I said I was sorry...
M.Pikachu: You're not hurt are you.
Pichuleit: No of course not, you worry to much mommy...
M.Pikachu: And with good reason...
Pichuleit: you know [Turns to Pichu] you still haven't introduced yourself yet...
Pichu: Eh? Oh how silly of me, I forget these things sometimes... To be honest I don't have much of a Name. People just call me Pichu
F.Pikachu: Rather Basic don't you think?
Pichu: It work's for me...
SD: Ah ha! There you are Pichu!
[End Translation]
Pichu: Chu?
SD: Dang it took me a while to catch up to you
F.Pikachu: Pi? Pi-Pika?!
M.Pikachu: Pi... PikachuPika...
SD: Hmm? Making new Friends already Pichu?
Pichu: pi... pichu....
SD: What do you mean somewhat...
Pichuleit: Pichu pi?
Pichu: Chu! Pi-chu pi pichu. Pichu...
SD: Introducing me are you? yes My Name's Stardart...
F.Pikachu: Pikachu. Pi-ka-chu Pika.
SD: Hold on, If I got you right, you don't trust Humans?
F.Pikachu: Chu...
SD: Why?
F.Pikachu: Pika-pika-chu-pika...
SD: O.K. I don't think I got that part
F.Pikachu: Mad
SD: ...
Pichu: Pichu? Pi-chu?
F.Pikachu: Pi-
[Skiping long speach on how Humans Bring trouble that you wouldn't be able to understand anyway]
SD: Not sure what I heard there but I can tell when I'm not wanted... Come Pichu, might as well get back to the Ne-...
Pichu: Pichu?
SD; You sence it too don't you?
Pichu: chu...
SD: (!!!) JUMP! [SD and Pichu Jump up. 2 nets narrowly miss Pichu but a 3rd from above gets Pichuleit]
Pichuleit: Pichu?!?!?!?! CHU!!!!
F & M.Pikachu: Pichupika!
3 Unknown Voices: AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
SD: Oh you've got to be Kidding me! Thoes 3?!
??????: Listen! Is that a Voice I hear?
?????: It's Speaking to me loud and clear
??????: Floating on the wind
?????: past the Stars
??????: IN YOUR EAR!
??????: Bringing Chaos at a breakneck pace
?????: Dashing Hope, putting fear in it's place.
??????: A rose by any other name's just as sweet
?????: When everything's worce our work is complete!
??????: JESSIE
?????: And it's JAMES!
??????: Meowth! Now that's a Name
Jessie: Putting the Do-Gooders in thier place
James: Team Rocket!
Team Rocket: IN YOUR FACE!!!!!
SD: Oy you 3? Why are you here!?
James: We thought we'de take a break from the Twerp Trio and go after some Bigger Fish. And now we have your Pi-[Notices Pichu on SD's Shoulder] Chu? wait if that's it there then what do we have?!
[They look down from thier Baloon into the net]
Meowth: Well it's a Pichu allright.
Jessie: Not what we were aiming for there... James you were in controle of the Net on the Balloon, what Happened
James: Well we had to do it quickly so I just aimed for something that Looked like a Pichu and Fired. I didn't have time to Aim!
SD: [Has Light aura showing, has powered to Level 1 and floats in the air next to the Balloon] Well while you guys play the Blame Game Why not deal with this!! [Charges up a Ball of Light Energy]
SD: It won't help you now! [Fires a rather big ball of Light energy
Jessie: Oh yes it will [They pull out a Mirror. the Light Energy bounces off and hits SD. sending him crashing down]
Meowth: IT WORKED!
James: At last!
Jessie: I don't think he'll stay out like that
Meowth: Normaly this is where we bite off more then we can chew. I Say let's amscray while we still have something. at least A pichu is better then Blasting off again...
James: Meowth does have apoint an Remember who we're dealing with here.
Jessie: Agreed. let's go!
M.Pikachu: PICHUPIKA!!!!
F.Pikachu: Pi-ka-chu-pi!!!
James: What was that?!
Meowth: Thoes Pikachu down thier say that we won't get away.'
Jessie: Oh please, that's what they all say...
SD: AND THEY USUALY MEAN IT! [Gets back up] Pichu, We'll have to take a Different approch to this...
Pichu: Chu. Chu-pichupichu
SD: Oh [Mockingly] So your Girlfriend's Name's Pichuleit?
Pichu: Chu!?!?! Pichu-chu-Pi!
SD: you didn't? you might as well have. enough of this...[floats a bit and regains Light Aura] we have a Pichu to save... [Charges towards Team Rocket]
Meowth: yaaaah!!!! STARDART AT 6 O'Clock!
Jessie: Again?! get the Mirror Ready!
SD: That won't stop me this time!!!! PICHU! NOW!
[Pichu jumps off and uses Iron Tail on the Net. Pichuleit Fals but Stardart Catches her]
SD: Got ya!
James: OH NO!
SD: Now to send you guys packing
Jessie: just try it!
James: With our Mirror you can't hit us
SD: Aye that be a Problem. or is it... [Flys up. Team Rocket holds out the Mirror in Preperation] GOT YA! LIGHT COPY!!!! [SD Light Copys Brick Brake. the Mirror Shaters]
James: [Screams like a Little Girl]
Meowth: Don't you know that's 7 years bad luck!?
SD: Yeah... BAD LUCK FOR YOU!!!! [Charges up a ball of light energy]
Jessie: uh oh....
SD: KAMEHAMEHA!!!!! [Combines the Light energy with a Light Copyed Kamehameha and fires the beam at the Balloon]
[Team Rocket Crashes into the Camera]
Camera Man Lakitu: Hey man that's a Four Hundered Dollar Camera ya just broke!
[SD Lands and lets Pichuleit off]
SD: There you go, Safe and sound
Pichuleit: Pichu chu-pi
SD: Ahh no biggy...
M.Pikachu: Pichupika! Pikachu!
Pichuleit: pichupichu...
F.Pikachu: pikachupi... Pika... Pikachu...
M.Pikachu: Pikapika?
F.Pikachu: Pikapikachu pi kachu chu pichu pichu...
SD: Something tells me I'm getting Blamed for this...
Pichuleit: Pichupichu Pichu!
F.Pikachu: PIKA! pi'kachu. [Turns to SD] Pika pichu...
SD: well gees I know when I'm not wanted... Come on Pichu. We have a bit more training to do before we head back to the Network at Fortree...
Pichu: Pi-... pichu.... [turns to Pichuliet] pichu...
Pichuleit: pichu...
[SD Dashes off, Pichu waits a moment then turns and dashes off with him...]
F.Pikachu: Good riddens. I told you they only bring trouble...
SD: [Off in the Distance] AND FOR THE RECORD I'M HALF DRAGON!!!!
M.Pikachu: ???
F.Pikachu: well that was random... Come on let's go home
[The 3 start walking. Sometime later]
M.Pikachu: Something wrong Pichuleit? You've been quite for a while now...
Pichuleit: It's... It's nothing...
F.Pikachu: Thinking about that hu- er Half Dragon as he put it? Don't, Like I said Humans Can't be trusted, they only bring Trouble...
Pichuleit: Yes but that Stadart guy put his life on the line to save me, Practicaly a complete stranger.
M.Pikachu: Honey, Your Daughter has a Point. I thought you said "Humans only Care for themselves"
F.Pikachu: Not the Point dear... He still Brought the Trouble in the form of that Team Rocket...
Pichuleit: There's another thing that's been bothering me...
M.Pikachu: What's that dear?
Pichuleit: When Team Rocket had me in that Net... I... I felt so helpless
F.Pikachu: That all?
Pichuleit: no... I... I didn't like fealing that...
M.Pikachu: Dear we all feal that way sometimes...
F.Pikachu: you just can't give up your hopes, that's all
M.Pikachu: For once dear, your father's speaking the truth
F.Pikachu I thought you were on my side...
[Pichuleit notices something...]
M.Pikachu: feal better now?
Pichuleit: [Wispering] I... I think we're not alone...
F.Pikachu: hmm??? I don't see anything
????: GOTYA!!!!!!!!
Pichuleit: *Gasp*
[End Translation]
[SD and Pichu are dashing about. SD, useing his Blades hits some Rocks at Pichu who Knocks them away with Iron Tail]
SD: Not bad. but how about this! [Cuts a Tree. Pichu jumps off the side of the tree and avoids it] Ahh bery good [They approch another Clearing] O.K. Stop [They screech to a hault] O.K. Take Five.
Pichu: [Sits on a Fallen log] ...
SD: You seem distracted. Let me guess. Still thinking about your GIRLFRIEND?
Pichu: Pi!? Pi-chu pichupichu
SD: You can't hide it from me.
Pichu: Embarassed pichu pi pichupi?
SD: Kinda... But it's nothing to be embarrased about... I've had thoes fealings before... and thanks to them look at me now... a Family man... with a very loving family no less... So don't try to hid it Pichu. If you like her be open about it... that is if you ever do see her again... bah... I don't like it when other Pokemon Generalize Humans... they act as if all humans are the same... we're all have our Differences just like Pokemon
Pichu: Chu... [Nods]
SD: yeah you understand me there... ahh well there's Humans and other beings that do the exact same thing... can't blame them I guess, they don't know better... how can they?
?????????: [Way off in the distance] PICHU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SD & Pichu: *Gasp*
SD: That Sounded like Pichuleit!
Pichu: Pi chu!
[As if you couldn't figure it out yourself, they dash off towards the sound]
[SD and Pichu arive at the scene. both M. and F. Pikachus lay on the ground, beat up pretty bad]
SD: What Happened?!
F. Pikachu: pi-.... pichupika
Pichu: Chu?
F. Pikachu: [Points north]
SD: Looks like whoever attacked them whent off that way... Very fast Very hard, the Prints should be easy to fallow... and judgeing by the fact that I don't see her around anywhere, they must have taken Pichuliet with them...
Pichu: chuuuu.... [Sparcks fly from his Cheaks]
SD: I'll stay with the Parents and use my potions. I'll leave the Attackers to you. think you can handle it?
Pichu: [Nods]
SD: Hurry Pichu, who knows what they want...
[Pichu Dashes off useing Volt Tackle]
SD: I Allways keep a couple of Full Restores with me. they pack a nice big punch here...
[It Begins to rain]

Last edited by Stardart on Sat Jan 10, 2009 2:49 am; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : WIP)
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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Stardart and PICHU!!!   Tue Nov 11, 2008 8:02 pm

awesome! XD

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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Stardart and PICHU!!!   Tue Nov 11, 2008 9:50 pm

An Additional part to this WIP Chapter has been added. check it out...
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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Stardart and PICHU!!!   Thu Nov 13, 2008 7:22 pm

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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Stardart and PICHU!!!   Sat Jan 10, 2009 2:50 am

I Updated it some more but it wouldn't completely Fit so I had to split it up (Yeah it's that Big!)

[Here's some more of Chapter 1]
[A Pack of Houndour (Makes no sense why they would be there but bare with me...) Lead by a Houndoom, rush through the Forest... One houndour is Carrying Pichuliet by the scruff of her neck]
Pichuleit: ouch! that hurts you know...
Houndour 1: I could Rip it off you know so I'd be quiet if I were you...
Houndoom: O.K. That Far enough for now boys... [They stop, Houndour 1 drops Pichuliet]
Pichuliet: what do you want with me?
Houndoom: If you must know, it's for the food your Parents are see we just moved in and we don't like people taking food from our Neck of the woods. so we just want it back... and as payment for the food we'll let you live AND let you be with your family again... a Great deal wouldn't you say?
Houndour 2: a Genius our boss be. such a good deal he offers so that only a fool would refuse...
Houndoom: I know boys, I'm good... of course we could skip the middle man if you were to tell me shrimp...
Pichuleit: hey now, this forest wasn't yours to begin with, who said you could just walk in and take it over
Houndoom: uhh I kinda did because I'm da boss...
Houndour 3: I don't like your tone there short one... perhaps you'd-
Houndoom: Now now there. let's not get hasty there...
Houndour 3: Whatever you say boss.
Houndoom: so will you tell me where the food is stashed or will I have to force it out of your parents.
Pichuliet: I-I...I...won't tell....
Houndoom: I thought so... well when your Parents recover enough we'll have them talk in exchange for your life...
Houndour 4: That's the one part of this plan that I don't get. Why didn't we just threaten them there instead of coming all this way...
Houndoom: I wanted to minimize casualties on our end. if we talked 1st then we would have been Zapped...
Houndour 5: that's our Boss for ya... Always looking out for the team...
[Houndour 3 is Sent flying from being hit by a very Powerful attack... the source of the attack Bounces off a Tree and hits Houndour 1 then slides to a stop. it's PICHU!]
Pichuliet: Pichu!
Houndour 2: What the?
Houndoom: looks like we have uninvited guests... or at least just 1...
Pichu: Let Pichuliet go!
Houndour 2: You're a little small to be making demands.
Pichu: in size, maybe, in power and Heart, Never...
Houndoom: hmmm??
Houndour 2: we'll just see about that! Flamethrower time [Houndour 2 unleashes a Flamethrower. Pichu counters with Thunder. the Thunder cuts through the Flames and Critical hits Houndour 2, KOing him]
Houndoom: Careful! can't you see it's raining?! our Fire moves are less effective in the rain, not to mention Thunder is more accurate, if that's the move I thought I saw.
Pichu: woh, you're pretty smart
Houndoom: I've just been everywhere, that's all...
Houndour 4: we'll I'll take him on [Uses Take down. Pichu counters with Iron Tail and once again Critical hits]
Houndoom: Wow, that's some power to work through a Disadvantage... Enough. you face me now!
Pichu: Bring it...
[Houndoom uses Sunny Day. the sunlight grows harsh]
Pichu: Dang it, I was hoping for the weather to stay on my side [Pichu uses thunderbolt. it hits Houndoom]
Houndoom: Definitely not bad, but take this [Uses Crunch, the Held Black glasses ups it's power Major damage to pichu. Houndoom attacks with crunch again but is stopped by Pichu's thunder (Which actually hits)] Lucky...
[The Sunlight is still harsh]
[One Houndour looks ready to Pounce on Pichu but Pichuliet uses a Thundershock at the right time and knocks the Houndour away (Shocking herself in the process of course
[Houndoom uses Fire blast. it hits Pichu Full on. Pichu's stunned by the attack]
Houndoom: Ha. I was hoping for a bigger challenge... oh well
Pichu: (It's time. I feel it...) [Pichu's Tail Glows. an Iron tail is ready]
Houndoom: If you think Iron tail will do you any good against me then you're mistaken... [Houndoom uses Take down]
Pichu: IT'S NOT JUST IRON TAIL! [Hits with the tail. Houndoom is sent flying up, Pichu jumps up and proceeds to do-] GREAT AETHER!!! [Pichu does his version of Ike's Final Smash (It's pretty much the same except electricity replaces the Flames. look up SSBB Final Smashes if you don't know what I'm talking about)]
Houndoom: GYAAAAAHHH! [Houndoom is sent flying]
the Other houndours: OMG! He sent the Boss packing. Let's Split
Pichu: Pichuleit. Are you O.K.?
Pichuliet: yeah, except for that pain in my neck from where that Houndour was holding me and a tingling sensation from that thundershock...
Pichu: yeah I saw that. you're really good with that.
Pichuliet: you really think so? Daddy's always telling me I need to wait till I Evolve till I even try to do that but...
Pichu: Really? how does he expect you to be able to defend yourself?
Pichuliet: I don't know... Normally he's always there to protect me. always looking out for me, things like this have never happened before... I've always been safe...
Pichu: Mad safety like that never lasts...
Pichuliet: I know. it was like a wake up call to me... It was really scary taking on that Houndour as it was...
Pichu: yeah but as long as you have courage and determination, you'll pull through...
Pichuliet: yeah, but...
Pichu: what is it?
Pichuliet: I'll tell you later... 1st we have to go find Mommy and Daddy... They're still hurt bad
Pichu: Not to worry. Stardart has them taken care off..
[Rain Continues to fall]
SD: There, that should do it...
F.Pikachu: pika...
SD: Ahh it's nothing
[M.Pikachu is looking at the Path that the Houndour Pack went. SD Notices this]
SD: Fear not... If anyone could save Pichuliet, It's Pichu... He's More Powerful then you think [SD can hear Growling] Hmmm... We're not alone...
[3 Houndour Jump out. Sounding SD and the Pikachus. the 2 Pikachu's stand ready for battle but SD has Other Plans]
SD: You 2, On my shoulders now. [the M. Pikachu glares at SD. SD Glares right back] unless you want to be KOed in a Different way... Trust me I have a Plan... [F.Pikachu agrees with SD and Gets on... M.Pikachu Reluctently fallows. SD Activates his Aura and is Floating in the air. He holds out a Masterball.] GROUDON! HIT IT! [SD Sends out Groudon, who gives out a bit roar.] [Groudon's Drought intencifies the Sun's Rays]
Houndour 7: (Ha! If I remember the Boss' words, he said that our Firepower is Increased durring harsh sunlight... this'll be easy!) Ruff rurrrrr ruff ruff... [The 3 Houndours get ready to use Flame thrower... Groudon looks ready to use overheat but SD Stops him]
SD: Hang on... don't you think it would be better to give them the earthquake of thier Lives?
[Groudon Nods... The Houndour all use Flamethrower. Groudon Jumps up high (Higher then you'd think he could) Does a Flip then Lands hard, useing Earthquake. The Groud shakes Violently and the earth under the houndours comes up suddenly and hits them. they're sent flying... Needless to say it's Super Effective. Groudon Lets out a huge Roar.]
SD: And that's why I had you 2 get on... if you didn't get on, you would have felt that yourselves...
[Meanwhile AGAIN!]
[The Effect of Groudon's Earthquake are felt far and wide. Pichu and Pichuliet both feal it and nearly fall down as a result]
Pichuliet: What in the world was that?!
Pichu: I have a Hunch... we probably should hurry. [Just then the 3 Houndour fall down and Crashland in front of them, KOed Obvoiusly...] Nevermind. I think that just confirmed my hunch... We still should hurry though.. [They rush on... eventualy they find SD and the Pikachus...]
[No Translation]
Pichuliet: PICHU! PICHU!
M.Pikachu: PICHUPIKA!!!!!!!
?????????: *HOWL*
[Houndoom and Co Pop out in between]
SD: How did I see this Comeing?
[Suddenly a Net shoots out of nowhere and Grabs ???]
James: You should have known we would be back. And now we have your PICHU!
SD: You do? That's news to me...
James: What? [Looks over and Notices that Pichu AND Pichuliet are not in the net...] MISSED AGAIN!?!?!?!
Meowth: So who do we have this time? [They look down, they have Houndoom and Co.] That's not even Close. How in the world did I get them?!
James: ugh, today's not our day...
[Houndoom and co all use flamethrower. but the Net stops the attack]
Meowth: of course we have better nets, yada yada...
James: How many times do we say some things like that...
Jessie: Too Many?
SD: Oy. I get to be the Hero of all again.. [Fires a Light energy ball at the Net but it's Reflected back at him
James: HA! Now that one I can be proud of. Reflective Net. Made by none other then your own Company!
Meowth: They had a 2 for 1 sale...
SD: Ironic... Very well then [Tosses his Blade like a Bomberang at the Net. but it just bounces off hamlessly...] WHAT?! Impossible. My blades cut through ANYTHING!
Jessie: HAHAHAHAHA! Except for the fact that we reinforced the net with an Experimental Matirial from the Kefka Empire...
Meowth: We're one of the Beta Testers!
SD: ALSO IRONIC! [Turns towards Pichu. Pichu Nods. then so does SD] Let's do it... [SD Holds out his Hand. Pichu Jumps on and SD Tosses Pichu Upwards]
Meowth: NOT THIS TIME! [Meowth Takes out a Expandable hand. but before he can use it. Pichuliet Shocks him with a Perfectly aimed Thundershock.]
Jessie and James: WHAT THE?!
SD: Hmm? Interesting...
[Pichu Uses Iron Tail on the Net. He puts all of the Power he can into it the the Net Brakes. SD Flys up with his Light Aura Powers and Grabs onto the Net before it falls and Gently Lets the Houndour Pack down and out. Houndoom Glares at SD, but has a face filled with Gratitude...]
SD: Don't thank me.. Thank Pichu...
James: We're not done yet!.
[Pichu and Pichuliet, The Houndour Pack, SD and the Pikachus all glance at Team Rocket.]
SD: Oh yes you are...
[Pichu gets ready for a Thunder. Pichuliet readys a Thundershock. SD Charges up a Light Energyball, the Houndour ready Flamethrower. Groudon Readys Overheat. The Pikachus Ready SHockwave]
James: Meowth, Please tell me you reinforced the Balloon.
Meowth: Not aginst that kind of Power...
James: Every time....
SD: And your time's up. HA! [They all Fire at the balloon]
Team Rocket: LOOKS LIKE- *Ding*
SD: Nice Job. New Record. only the 1st 2 words!
[To make a long story short... after a bit of Persuasion the Houndour Pack agrees not to Mess with Pichuliets Family and Share the food with the other Pokemon of the Forest. Later on]
SD: Well. I've gotta go... I'm glad we were able to help you guys out again
M.Pikachu: Perhaps I've been a bit too mistrusting...
F.Pikachu: Dear it can happen to all of us...
M.Pikachu: Next time you come, you'll be more welcome.. I guess. But I'll still have my eye on you...
SD: ???
F.Pikachu: oy, he'll never learn...
Pichuliet: so... I guess this means goodbye...
Pichu: yup... I... guess so...
SD: Comeing Pichu?
Pichu: I guess. [They start to leave]
SD: (It's a pity... That Pichuliet shows potential... Ah well... she's better off with Family...)
[Pichu Glanses back. Pichuliet's in deep though. then Suddenly]
Pichuliet: WAIT!
SD: Hmm?
Pichuliet: Don't go yet!
Pichu: Hu?
[Pichuliet turnst towards her father]
Pichuliet: Daddy... I want to go with Stardart. and Train to be a Strong Pokemon
M.Pikachu: WHAT!? Absolutely not!
F.Pikachu: Honey...
M.Pikachu: I have a Hard time trusting that human as it is-
F.Pikachu: Honey...
M.Pikachu: but if You think I'm gonna trust him with the Safety of my Little Girl-
F.Pikachu: Honey!
M.Pikachu: Then you're sadly mistaken. I'll say it again. ABSOLUTELY NOT!
F.Pikachu: HONEY!
M.Pikachu: WHAT!!!!
F.Pikachu: Can I say a few words?
M.Pikachu: uhh, sure...
F.Pikachu: Pichuliet, Dear... Ignore your Father... Just go. and when you come back, show me just how strong you've gotten...
M.Pikachu: WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! affraid [Just stands there after that, Speechless]
F.Pikachu: Just try to be careful... O.K.
Pichuliet: I will. That you Mommy! [Kisses her mother on the Cheek. then Rushes off towards SD]
M.Pikachu: Wha-Wha-wha.... Whatever happened to the "2-Yes Rule"...?
F.Pikachu: I overruled it for her own good this time...
M.Pikachu: I ca-whatth-Idah-, Oh [Faints]
SD: Shocked
Pichu: so wait... You're Commeing with us?
Pichuliet: Yup... I knew I needed to ever since the Houndour thing... and that thing with team whatever helped... so I'd like to come with you... that is... if it's O.K. with Stardart...
SD: ??? Not sure what you're asking, and yet, I think I allready know.. [Holds out an Empty Pokeball] You're wanting to come with me? [Pichuliet nods. SD Looks at the Pikachu. The Mother nods as the the Father is still out cold...] Very well them. I guess so... [Pichuliet Jumps up in celebration as SD Tosses the Pokeball at her. It hits and Pichuliet goes in. after the Usual Process...]
SD: ALLRIGHT! I Caught myself another Pichu... and what Luck. Pichuliet's Name Fits in the Nickname section
[Random Fact: Give it a Try! On Any Generation 3 or Higher Game, go out and Catch or Hatch a Female Pichu and give it a Nckname...Pichuliet will BARELY Fit!]
[Pichuliet was sent to Box "Network Box 5"]
[M.Pickachu gets up]
M.Pikachu: Ugh, what did I miss?
F.Pikachu: It's too late to stop your Daughter... She's off on her own adventure... with a Trainer no less...
M.Pikachu: WHAT?! affraid [Faints again]
SD: Well Now I want to double time it... ARTICUNO! [Sends out Articuno] Time to FLY! to FORTREE! [Aritcuno comes down and SD and Pichu pump on, then AWAY THEY GO!]
F.Pikachu: Bye! Thanks for eveything! TAKE GOOD CARE OF PICHULIET!
F.Pikachu: ehh... what's a Postcard?

SO! What did you think?! Good eh? that's only the 1st Chapter. More to come soon! And Excpect the Multi Post for them... like this one because they may be just as long!

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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Stardart and PICHU!!!   Sat Jan 10, 2009 4:31 am

Great job. Nice to see you again
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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Stardart and PICHU!!!   Thu Jan 15, 2009 6:12 am

woo-hoo! Nice update!

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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Stardart and PICHU!!!   Mon Jan 19, 2009 10:48 pm

It's Official... CHAPTER 1 COMPLETE!!!!
The Next Part is what's most likely going to happen on the Next Episode...
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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Stardart and PICHU!!!   Tue Jan 20, 2009 3:48 am

cool, can't wait
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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Stardart and PICHU!!!   Wed Feb 11, 2009 9:47 am

??: Ahh Back again for another Part of our Awesome Story here? Well be warned, there's More people to be introduced here, In fact I think half of this Chapter might be More introductions... Oh your fine with that? Very well then...
Chapter 2- Trials and Files
??: O.K. so we know last time Stardart had "Caught" Himself another Pichu, Named Pichuleit, and was Flying back to Fortree City to Arrange his team... well what do you think happened while Pichuliet was Waiting?
[Pichuliet Finds herself in a Strange Place (We know it as "The Box")]
Pichuliet: where... Where am I
??????????: Welcome to Box 1
Pichuliet: eh? Who are you? And how did I get here.
??????????: Name's Charizard (Yeah he really needs to start using Nicknames...). I was Stardart's Starter Pokemon... You Probably got here because Stardart has a Full Party of 6 Pokemon with him...
Pichuliet: wow, you're so big...
Charizard: heh, yeah Evolution does that to you.
Pichuliet: so... if you were his 1st Pokemon, why are you here?
Charizard: Stardart likes to train all of his Pokemon, or at least he tries, but it's kinda hard to do that when the Maximum amount of Pokemon you can take at a time is 6. It's fine by me... I've been taking a Nice long brake and once Stardart finds another Event for me I'll be back out Burning Any opponent in my path... Granted I've been waiting a Month but that's Fine... I haven't been slacking here, been going over Strategies in my head.
Pichuliet: You've been waiting a Month? That's a long time... ho-how long do you think I'll have to wait...
Charizard: knowing Stardart, not that long. More often then not when he catches a Pokemon that he already has in the Pokedex, he has a Reason for it. he's probably on his way to a Pokemon Center to use the PC right now...
Pichuliet: so wait... I've heard of PCs... I'M IN A COMPUTER?!
Charizard: Gwahhaha! Not Really. you're just in a Special Environment at the Main JG Network Building
Pichuliet: Oh.
Charizard: Computers are what Transported you here and they're what will transport you back if and when Stardart comes to get you... in fact he's probably almost there now...
[The Skies over Hoenn are Calm...]
[Well they were until An Icy Blue Streak Sped by. It was Articuno With Stardart and Pichu Riding on]
SD: AHHA! There's Fortree. Head for the Network Building
[Articuno Nods and Does so]
SD: Ahh yes this Building was interesting to say the least. it's the Only Network Building we Literally had to Grow. I Remember Donez and Cid working on that Super Seed. It went into the Record Books Twice. Once for Largest Tree Grown and Once for Largest Building made out of a Tree... Right Articuno?
Articuno: ZZZZZ
SD: Oh dear, my story telling has made him fall asleep... Wait if he's Flying and he's asleep... [Looks up and sees them about to crash, head 1st into the Building] GYAAAH WATCH OUT FOR THAT-
SD: -tree...
???: You know Stardart, Normal People nowadays use something Called a "Door"... it's really nice, you should try it...
SD: Yeah Laugh it up Cid...
Network Bio 12
Name: Cid
Gender: Male
Age: Young? (That's what Cid says)
Race: Human
Class: Master Engineer
Bio: Cid is the Head Engineer of JG Network, His Inventions, Tactics and Pure Mad Skillz had Saved Stardart and the Network Thousands of times. He loves his Job although the Money is Nice...
Cid: I think I will. So how come ya back from training so fast
SD: New Pokemon, Very special.. got to get to the Pokemon Center Fast
Cid: Why didn't ya use the one Outside?
SD; I felt like going here. Articuno Return [Recalls Articuno, who is Recovering from a Headache]
Cid: You do that, I'll fix the wall
SD: Yeah, sorry about that. we had a Sleep flyer
Cid: I see...
[SD Dashes off with Pichu]
Cid: Kids these days [Takes out his Hammer] Ah well, I LOVE THIS JOB!!! [4 Seconds later the Job's Done] Well that was fast...
[??: Now you see why he's the MASTER Engineer]
[At the Network Pokemon Center]
Nurse Joy: [Sees Stardart and Pichu Dash in] Welcome Stardart.
SD: No time right now Nurse Joy. New Addition to my Team
Nurse Joy: Oh I see then...
[SD Dashes for the PC]
SD: Alright then, logging in... Stardart... Here we go
[Meanwhile in Box 1]
[Alarms going off]
Pichuliet: What the?! What's Going on
Charizard: Stardart's logging in. get ready for some Switching
[Back with SD]
SD; Alright here. Let's see. I'll put this guy here. That guy there [Min. Later] O.K. so my team shall consist of Pichu, Pichuliet, Buneary, Moltres, Eevee, and Ralts. Hmm, that means I can't Surf, but then again I haven't needed too, all I need is Moltres for Flight, besides he needs some trainin'. Alright then that'll do. [SD Logs off] Alright LAST MIN. CHECK! OUT EVERYONE! [Calls out all his Pokemon]
Pichu: CHU!
Pichuleit: PI-CHU!
Buneary: BUN!
Moltres: RAAAAAH!
Eevee: EE!
Ralts: ...
SD: Alright. Let's Callback... Moltres, Eevee and Ralts [calls back the Pokemon] Alright, Buneary, with me! Pichu, Take Pichuliet to the Training Room. 1st things 1st, Teach her how to fight without shocking herself!
[Pichu and Pichuliet Nod, Buneary hops onto SD Shoulder]
Network Bio #427
Name: Buneary
Gender: Female
O.T.: Stardart
C.T.: Stardart
Bio: Stardart's Buneary is known as the Contest Starter whenever SD Starts a Contest with her, he ALWAYS makes it to the Second round. The only thing Buneary likes more then Showing off is Stardart himself...
[Sometime later]
SD: Alright... [Opens door]
???: BANZAI!!!!
????: DOG PILE!
SD: ALRIGHT ALRIGHT YOU GOT ME! Don't Squish poor Buneary
Buneary: ree!
???: Alright Dad
[They get off]
[Authors Note. Prepare for MAJOR INTRODUCTIONS!]
Network Bio #3
Name: Myst
Gender: Female
Age: 7
Race: Half-Dragon
Class: Caller/Blacksmith
Bio: The Eldest Daughter of Stardart. She has similar powers as her Mother but also likes to make weapons. Specifically Swords.
Network Bio #4
Name: Star
Gender: Male
Age: 6
Race: Half-Dragon
Class: Light Mage
Bio: 1 of the 1st set of Twins of Stardart. Star has been know to be rather Rational, unlike his twin. Star has taken to learning the ways of the Light, like his Father.
Network Bio #5
Name: Dart
Gender: Male
Age 6
Race: Half Dragon
Class: Dark mage
Bio: Star's Twin Brother. Dart tends to take risks at times, he also fools around more then his Twin (Except when Battling). His Mission is to show everyone that just because you use Darkness doesn't mean you're Evil.
Network Bio #6
Name: Rita
Gender: Female
Age: 5
Race: Half-Dragon
Class: Swordmaster/Mage
Bio: 1 of the 2nd set of Twins of Stardart. Rita takes after her father alot. Just like him she has a Strong sense of Justice. however her sweet heart makes friends in even the most unfriendly people. She tries to avoid fights at times but when necessary she will take down foes with ease. Her Skills with a blade is said to be Twice as Good as Stardart even now. It's Said that she has a Sixth sense, allowing her to sence danger even better then Stardart can...
Network Bio #7
Name: John
Gender: Male
Age: 5
Race: Half-Dragon
Class: Myrmidon/Mage
Bio: Rita's Twin Brother. John is like her sister but not as good in Swords. he makes up for it in Improved Magic, Specificaly Fire Magic. John dosn't mind Rita getting more attention then him, he tends to be more self-sufficiant then his other Syblings. There's Rumors that John was able to wheild the Zenithian Sword. a feat that No one other then Stardart has been able to do which may signify something about his future...
Network Bio #8
Name: Ceil
Gender: Male
Age: 4!
Race: Half-Dragon
Class: Black Sage
Bio: 1 of the Final set of Twins of Stardart. Ceil has been Called a Rocker. he listens to Rock Music alot and even can play the Drums. he's rather Care free, which isn't unusual for one his age, what is Unusual is how Inteligent he is as well as his other Syblings... Ceil is the Master of Black Magic, knowing all Spells Including Ultima, the Most Powerful Black Magic Spell...
Network Bio #9
Name: Lydia
Gender: Female
Age: 4
Race: half-Dragon
Class: White Sage
Bio: Ceil's Twin Sister. She's not as outgoing as Ceil and Prefers to spend her time enjoying the scenery. she likes the smell of flowers supposedly andfor some unknown reason, she tends to befriends Elves alot. She's the Master of White Magic, Knowing Every spell there is from Healing spells to the Offencive Spell of Holy...
Network Bio #10
Name: Fransisco
Gender: Male
Age: 3!
Race: Half-Dragon
Class: Twilight Mage
Bio: The Youngest of Stardart's Kids. Fransisco is siad to be the most powerful, haveing the Perfect Balance of Light and Dark to create Twilight as well as being able to use almost Any weapon given to him. however his power has made him arrogent
SD: You kids just don't know your strength at times...
Rita: yeah...
John: Oh Dad. Guess what?
SD: Your a monkey And I'm not?
(??: Hey wait... HE GOT THAT FROM ME! My dad uses that line...)
John: [Rolls eyes] Even better. I learned Fire 3!
SD: Really? Awesome.. Now how about Lit 3 and Ice 3?
John: ehh... not quite
Myst: Well I learned Ice 3... And I got the Bomb Summon.
SD: Cool Myst... You're turning out to be just like your Mother...
?????: Ahem...
SD: [Walking into the Room] Ahh Speaking of which... Hello my darling...
Network Bio #2
Name: Rydia (Yeah that's Right FF4 Fans. Screw Edge!)
Gender: Female
Age: 18? (Hard to tell with the Land of Summoned Monsters... in all technicalities she's probably 7 or so. she just don't look it...)
Race: Human
Class: Summoner
Bio: Known as the "Daughter of Mist", Rydia was one of te 5 People to take down the Fabled Zeromus durring the 1st Great war of the Planet now known as RHW. After Travaling the stars with Stardart, they desided to Marry and have kids. Because she Spent the latter part of her Childhood in the Land of Summoned monster she tend to be Childish at times, but perhaps That is what Attracted Stardart to her...
Rumor!: It's said that when the Leaders of the Planet Formerly known as Earth came together to change the name (due to the Fact that there was Allready a Planet Named such {You should know, YOU live there. thats right, YOU, on the other side of the Computer Screne}) Stardart Suggested the Name "RHW" for an Unknown Reason. it's been speculated that he suggested that name becuase it was "Rydia's HomeWorld". Ironicly, "RHW" was Picked...
[They hug and Smooch]
Rydia: Training go well? You 2 were out longer then you said... Speaking of which, I don't see Pichu anywhere...
SD: Well it's a Long story...\(??: TELL ME ABOUT IT!)\SD: But while I was out I added another Pokemon to my team...
Rita: *gasp* Another one?! Who'd you get this time? Another Legendary?! A Cute one like Shaymin?!!
SD: I wish...\Rydia: me too...\ SD: Tell you what guys. SHE and Pichu are at the Training room... how 'bout we go down and see them...
Rita: It's a SHE?!!! Did you get Heatran?!
SD: Close but no cigar... how 'bout we just go..
Rita: O.K.
Rita: Oh yeah?! [Runs off too. Fallowed by John, then Myst, then Ceil and Lydia]
Star: Hey wait for ME! [Dashes off too]
[SD's about ready to fallow when he looks over to a corner and sees Fransisco]
SD: You comin'?
Fransico: meh... why not...
SD: And how was your day?
Fransisco: Surprizingly good actualy. My powers are Improving more and more...
SD: That's good
Fransisco: I'll win next time you know
SD: I ain't gonna just LET you win though...
Fransisco: hmph.
Rydia: Hey, you know one of you are gonna be a Rotten egg! [Dashes off fallowing the Kids...]
Fransisco: heh, we know better don't we?
SD: Yeah, they're getting a Head Start...
Fransisco: Enough. I'll win this Race
SD: Wanna Bet
[In a Busrt of speed, SD and Fransisco are gone...]
Split due to SIZE!
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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Stardart and PICHU!!!   Wed Jul 22, 2009 7:58 pm

Continuation of Chapter 2
[Pichu and Pichuliet Arrive at the Training Center.]
Pichuliet: ugh... What's that Stench..
Pichu: *Sniff* Wario... must have been practicing his "Wario Waft"
Pichuliet: What kind of Move is THAT?!
Pichu: You don't want to know (Makes me kinda Glad I wasn't in Brawl...). O.K. Onto what we are here for...
Pichuliet: How I can use my Electric Moves without shocking myself...
Pichu: Right... now the only way to Practice this is through battling but thankfully we have someone ready to take a Beating. [Points to some white thing in the center of the Room] That, is the Sandbag. His soul purpose in life is to get beaten up...
Pichuliet: That doesn't sound very nice.
Pichu: Maybe but some weird reason, the Sandbags have always liked it like that... Ever since the Smash Bros Melee Home Run Contest... You can unleash all of your power on the Sandbag and it wouldn't matter either way. 1st let's just see how you Normally do it...
Pichuleit: O.K. Here I go... THUNDERSHOCK! HA!
Pichuliet: oww...
Pichu: Hmm... Yeah that looks pretty normal... It's just a Matter of you learning how to control the Electricity...
Pichuliet: O.K. and how do I do that...
Pichu: umm... what you gotta do is Relax, Focus... Let it out and away from you... Now Try it again...
Pichuliet: O.K. then... (Relax....) Focus... [Electrical Energy stores up around Pichuliet]
Pichu: Hu?
Pichuliet: HA! [She lets out a Big Thundershock... It seems to deal more to the Sandbag then before but at the same time it also Shocks Pichuliet more...] owwww...
Pichu: no that won't do. There mas more power but no control...
[Something happens to Pichuliet's Right-hand ear. the hair on it puffs out a bit... giving her a "Notched" ear]
Pichuliet: wha? oh I though mom fixed that...
Pichu: hu? Wow what's up with your ear?
Pichuliet: I've had it since I was born... I always thought it made me look kinda dumb so mom would always do something to it to make the hairs stick right. it would normally for Months but this time it lasted just a week...
Pichu: Must have been the electricity. I've learned that electricity tends to do something to hairs. Especially Humans.
Pichuliet: oh, I'm gonna look so dumb with this.
Pichu: I don't think you look dumb...
Pichuliet: Huh?
Pichu: no in fact... I think it makes you look better
Pichuliet: You.... Think so?
Pichu: yeah... Look, there's a Mirror over there. why not see for yourself...
[they go over to it]
Pichuliet: but... I look so different...
Pichu: What's wrong with being different... Everyone's different in their own way. we might as we embrace our true selves... or that's what Stardart says...
Pichuliet: oh..... well... I guess he's right...
Pichu: Pichuliet... If you're gonna be traveling with us, you've gotta have extremely good self-esteem... you've gotta be able to believe in yourself. and the best way to start is to accept the unique qualities you have...
Pichuliet: you right. If I'm gonna have a Funny ear, I might as well be proud of it. no one else has one like it. *Pose*

Pichu: Alright. back to training... now why don't you try it again. you've got the confidence right?
Pichuliet: yeah... I just need to relax and Focus... [She tries again with the same effect] yoww!
Pichu: Still not enough?!
Pichuliet: I don't get it... what am I doing wrong?
Pichu: Hmmm. oh?
[Pichu uses thunderbolt on the Sandbag, but still feels the aftereffect and gets hurt...]
SD: gees... I wounder what's wrong...
Pichu: chu....
SD: Now hang on there, Don't give up... wait... I think I got it...
Pichu: Chu?
SD: When I'm casting Magic. it isn't just Focusing the Power. I'm willing that Power to work for me, My will greater then it... That's what you've got to do Pichu. You've got to Force that Power to do EXACTLY what you tell it to do. Show your will is Strong.... Think you can do it?
Pichu: (Will? Force? My power? Wait I see. My power's Backfiring because I'm just letting it out. I'm not Directing it... and to do that I need-]
[End Flashback]
Pichuliet: Hu?
Pichu: I figured it out... all you're doing is letting out your electricity in the direction you're intending. but there's more to it! You've got to tell it where to go and how to do it. You've got to WILL that power onto your Target!
Pichuliet: Tell my power where to go? how.
Pichu: It's not something easily explained but that's where the Confidence comes in. If you trust in yourself you'll have to willpower to use your power the right way and send it where it needs to go...
Pichuliet: I... I think i understand...
Pichu: O.K. then. Try it one last time remember... It's your power, you and it are connected so tell it where to move, just like you would your Feet when walking. It's all in your Will. your Desire to do something
Pichuliet: (My Desire? just like moving my feet? oh, now I can't even relax... or... wait... I think...) [Electricity surrounds Pichuliet, More then before]
Pichu: wait... that's not normal. What's this?
Pichuliet: (I got it now! It's just me. and I want to do this!) HA!!!
[The Sand back is thrown a couple of feet]
Pichu: ...
Pichuliet: ... I... DID IT! YEA!
Pichu: ALLRIGHT! Way to go! Dare I say you got it down faster then I did...
[Just then SD's Family Enters]
[Authors note. From this Line onwards no more putting in Pokemon sounds. when there's Humans or beings like them in the scene I will still translate the Pokemon Speech. however it will now be between these: {} Got it?]
[SD and Rita dash in 1st]
SD: Darn. we Tie.
Rita: at least I beat Everyone Else!
[Fransisco Quickly fallows]
Fransisco: Who does Rita do that?!
[John Next, Fallowed by Lydia, then Ceil]
Ceil: Hey, Haste Spells aren't allowed
Lydia: Not my fault you didn't use yours!
[then Rydia, Star and Myst]
Rydia: WOO!!
Star: Somehow I caught up
Myst: Not my best Performance...
[then Finally Dart.]
Dart: awe what?!
Rydia: now what was that about the last one a Rotten Egg
Dart: Dang it...
Rita; *Gasp* OHMIGOSH! You got another Pichu?
Fransisco: {Rolls eyes] another one? Isn't 1 enough.
SD: Like I said, there's a Long story behind it... Guys meet Pichuliet. Pichuliet, these are My kids... and my darling wife... [Notices Pichuliet's Notched ear] and where did you get that? how did you get your ear to do that? looks kinda Cool
Rita: It makes her look so CUTE!
Fransisco: now that I'll admit, you don't see that everyday.
Pichu {I told you everyone would like it...}
[Rita gets close and sits down next to Pichuliet]
Rita: Hi there Pichuliet, My name's Rita, so nice to meet you...
[Pichuliet nods and holds out her hand. Rita shakes it and smiles]
SD: You'll find that Rita likes to make lots of new friends. and with a heart like hers it's not hard...
Pichuliet: {OH! I almost forgot} [Pichuliet signals to Stardart then runs towards the sandbag]
SD: Eh? Have you already learned how NOT to shock yourself? [Pichuliet nods. SD Turns to Pichu.] Isn't it a bit embarrassing SHE learned faster then you?
[Pichu hangs his head down in shame]
[Pichuliet focuses, Electricity Builds around her]
SD: Hmm??? Interesting....
[Pichuliet uses Thrundershock. it sends the Sandbag back farther this time]
SD: Very interesting... Pichuliet... If I'm not mistaken. It seems you know Charge!
Pichuliet: {Hu?}
SD: Charge is an Electric move that Stores energy for the Next attack, that's why your Thundershock move has been Super Powerful!
Rita: WOW!
Fransisco: Hmmm... That Pichuliet seems to be full of Surprizes...
SD: Well since you've mastered how NOT to shock yourself... I guess I can move on to the next part. [Out of his bag SD pulls out 3 Disks] Here we go... I'm gonna teach you some good moves here from these TMs. You may end up forgeting some of your older moves but trust me. it's for some better moves... I'm gonna teach you Thunderbolt, Charge Beam, and Iron Tail... Is that O.K.? [Pichuliet Nods] O.K., I understand you're gonna feal a slight tingling effect on your head as I put these there... [1 by 1 SD uses the TMs on Pichuliet. She Learns the moves...] Worked like a Charm. You know should know Thunderbolt, Charge, Charge beam, and Iron Tail... Thunderbolt is a MUCH better version of your old Thundershock that has a 1/10 Shot of Paralizeing a Foe... Iron Tail allows you to make your Tail Super hard like Iron and Attack... I think your defence MAY go up after useing it but I can't remember... And lastly Charge Beam lets you fire a Beam of Electricity at the Foe. sometimes you'll keep a bit of power and it'll increase your Special Attack... [Glanses at a clock] OH SNAP! WE'RE LATE!!!! [Breaks out a Com] Stardart to Mobile Network
????????: Takashi here sir. Orders?
Network Bio #13
Name: General Takashi
Gender: Male
Age: 33
Race: human
Class: Sword General
Bio: General Takashi is leader of the Network Forces, which Protect the Customers durring thier Visit to J.G. Network as well as Protect aginst attacks from other Factions such as the Kefka Empire. Essentialy he's Stardart's 2nd in command for the Network. He's been hailed as a great leader...
SD: Beam us up
Takashi: yes sir. Transporter room get ready... we'll have you up soon sir...
SD: Make it quick, we're late!!!
Pichuliet: {What's going on?}
Pichu: {We're gonna telleport to the Mobile Network}
Pichuliet: {How does that work?}
Pichu: {It Scrambles us into Tiny little peices, sends us there SUPER DUPER fast then unscrambles us in the Right order.}
Pichuliet: {Wow... I hope it dosn't mess up}
Pichu: {Not Likely, Cid desinged the most recent systems. his stuff almost NEVER breaks...}
Pichuliet: {Now... where is this "Mobile Network"?}
Pichu: {UP THERE!} [Points up High]
Takashi: Transporting NOW!!!!
[On the Mobile Network]
Transport Tech: Complete!
SD: Great job as allways... Takashi, still there?
Takashi: Read you loud and Clear sir...
SD: Good. Tell the Helmsman to prepare a course. I think you know where...
Takashi: I do. Takashi out
Pichuliet: {What did you mean by that?}
Pichu: {Here, come on, you'll see...}
[Everyone Walks out of the Room.]
SD: Here, Pichuliet, Jump onto my shoulder so you can get a view out the window [Pichuliet does so]
Pichuliet: *GASP*
SD: Surprized I take it? That's right. we're in space. above the sky and with the stars [Pichuliet's Speachless] and that Big Round thing there... That's your world!
Pichuliet: {Woh!}
Pichu: {I had the same reaction myself...}
SD: Come on, let's get to the Bridge
[On the Mobile Network Bridge Stardart and Famaily and Friends enter]
Takashi: Captain on the Bridge!
SD: Thanks Takashi...
Helmsman: Course set sir... Speed, Warp 7 Right?
SD; Yup
Helmsman: Orders sir?
SD: ... Engage!
Pichu: {Get Ready Pichuleit, if you though the View was good before, just look at the View when we go faster then light!}
Pichuliet: {Faster then Light?!}
[Zoom out to the Ship that takes off in a Burst of Super Speed with the Light of the Stars ZOOMING by. You Trekies should know that Look!]
[End of Chapter 2]
??: O.K. so that one's out of the way. So Pichuleit is getting more the she bargened for ehh? well I bet you she thinks it's worth it. So what do you think will happen durring thier space Travals? Find out next time, trust me there will be more Action that time!
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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Stardart and PICHU!!!   Mon Aug 03, 2009 9:38 pm

Quickie 1
[Late that night on the mobile network. In Stardart's Family quarters...]
[SD and Family AND Pokemon enter...]
Dart: Do we have to go sleep?
SD: You ask me that every time... and what do I say in response?
Dart: "So you can keep your energy up and grow strong..." I know...
SD: Yup. do you see me staying up? NO!
Dart: I know. I just like giving you a hard time about it...
SD: Brat... O.K. guys. Get ready
Kids: O.K.!
SD: Pichu, Show Pichuliet the Pokemon beds...
Pichu:{Right. Come on Pichuliet...}
[Pichu, Pichuliet, and Buneary dash off]
Rydia: well, I'm gonna get ready...
SD: I'll be there in a bit...
[Rydia heads off to the master bedroom as SD heads for the kitchen. he goes to the refrigerator and pulls out (PRODUCT PLACEMENT TIME!) a 20oz bottle of Wild Cherry Pepsi and chugs it]
SD: I can see why people relate me to Soda Popinski... ah well... I love the stuff either way...
[Later! in the master bedroom.]
Rydia: you know... Stardart... this is nice and all, but...
SD: what?
Rydia: Why did you have to get such a big bed? I mean I had to roll a couple of times to get to the center of it...
SD: watch...
[Buneary comes in. she gives SD a cute but sad look, SD motions for her to get on and she wastes no time. Rita then comes in...]
Rita: mommy. daddy. I had a bad dream.. I'm scared...
Rydia: oh, honey...
SD: would you feel better with us...
Rita: *sniff* Yes...
SD: Thought so. come here
[Rita gets on and snuggles up with SD. Pichuliet then comes in, looking sad]
SD: something wrong Pichuliet?
[She nods.]
Rita: hard being far away from your parents, right.
SD: not easy trying to sleep in a strange, new environment, ehh?
[She nods again]
SD: well, it may not be like home, but your welcome to join us here.
Rita: I find that if you're having trouble sleeping, if you're with people that care about you, it makes it easier...
[She nods again then jumps up. Lydia then Enters.]
Lydia: Ma, Dad, I can't sleep...
SD: I can tell what you want. come on over...
Lydia: thanks...
[Fransisco comes in]
Fransisco: My bed's not comfy so if you don't mind, I'm gonna use yours...
SD; Whatever...
[Myst comes in. before she says a word, SD goes ahead and motions to her...]
Myst: Thanks...
[Pichu comes in, he seams to be looking for someone, then see Pichuliet on the bed... as if silently saying "Figures" Pichu puts his hands/(Paws?) up to his side, bending his Arms.]
SD: Care to join us Pichu?
Pichu: {Might as well...}
[Pichu jumps up... Ceil and Dart then come in...]
Ceil: Awe come on, having a party?
Dart: and not inviting us?
SD: Come on in guys... the Covers are fine...
Ceil: Awe yeah!
Dart: Nice!
[The both jump on. Star rushes in]
Star: Hey! You guys left me alone in there!
SD: Just enough room here for you Star
Star: O.K.
[he gets on]
Rydia: well... I stand corrected...
SD: Yup, I know what I'm talking about at times...
Rydia: I guess so...
SD: Good night everyone
Everyone: Good night!
Fransisco: night...
Ceil: Night Y'all
[All they all drifted off to sleep together.. as 1 big happy family... Until...]
[0800 Hours]
[SD's Alarm goes off]
Alarm: Time to wake up! I'MMA FIRIN MAH LAZOR!
[The Noise and Lazor Startles Pichuliet who uses Thunderbolt which shocks everyone, starting Fransisco who sends up a Ball of Twilight Energy. SD Is startled and wakes up to see the Energy ball coming down on him]
[The Resulting explosion Startles Star and Dart who releace a wave of energy from thier Respective elements that knocks everyone else off the bed...]
Rydia: ow!
Rita; What happened
Fransisco: it was that blasted alarm
Ceil: That was fun
Dart: Let's do that again!
Rydia: O.K. then Stardart.... Tell me why you got that thing...
SD: uh, heh heh... becuse it looked cool
Everyone: DOH!

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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Stardart and PICHU!!!   Tue Aug 04, 2009 6:02 am

nice new chapter... do you have msn or aim?

aim: swimming95
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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Stardart and PICHU!!!   Tue Aug 04, 2009 10:51 pm

Best I got is E-Mail By the way, while I'm at it...

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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Stardart and PICHU!!!   Wed Jul 14, 2010 8:52 pm

Update... To anyone that Cares... I Deside to Transform this Story to a Fan Fic and Have allready placed Part of this Story on, Search for this Very Title and you should find it... Also, as a Favor for me, Look up a Story Called 'Twilght Heart', It's a Story made by a Online Friend of mine, My Char., Stardart, has a Small role in it as well so... yeah... That does mean i won't be updateing the Story here, HOWEVER, I can notify you guys on the Updates on if you like. I have to thank you guys because I doubt this Storyline would have ever taken off if I was not inspired to place it here so my thanks are to you guys... Any comments you are welcome to post here or send a PM. now that I know some of us are still here I'll check back more oftain...
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PostSubject: Re: The Adventures of Stardart and PICHU!!!   

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The Adventures of Stardart and PICHU!!!
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